CD - Alex Vargas - Smooth As Ice

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From Los Angeles, CA

Alex Vargas is a well known musician in the LA area.  
Previously sung with the fantastic Lonely Blue Boys (Doo Wop), and until recently one of two singers of The Vargas Brothers.

Alex recently decided to pursue his own music career and has worked on his first solo record, which contains a mix of late 50s, early 60s Rock and Roll infused with soul/rhythm and blues and gospel.

1. Let The Daddy Hold You
2. Thanks Mr Postman
3. Done Got Over You
4. Lonely Moon
5. Prisioner Of Love
6. Voodoo Workin'
7. Burnt Toast
8. Welcome Home Darling
9. Summertime
10. Mean Old Frisco
11. Bad Mouthing
12. Go Home Letter
13. Crawfishin'
14. Lonely Traveling
15. Midnight Dreams
16. Watch Your Step

Band Members:
Alex Vargas - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Iggy Garcia - Upright Bass
Carlos Gomez - Lead Guitar
Jessie Gomez - Drums
Victor Mendez - Piano
Takao Inou - Sax
Luis Gutierrez - Barri Sax

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