CD - Paul Galaxy & The Galactix - Slingshot

CD - Paul Galaxy & The Galactix - Slingshot
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Paul Galaxy spielen fast täglich in den USA und haben hier eine Ihrer CDs auf Ronnie Weiser's Rollin Rock Label eingespielt


1. White Train
2. Black Out Drunk
3. Slingshot
4. Vampire Girl
5. Firecracker
6. On a Mission
7. Road Dog
8. Piranha
9. Lunar Swing
10. Don't Push Your Luck
11. All I Want
12. Model "A"
13. Solar Flare
14. Round the World

Meet The Band: 
Chris "Chopper" Cordoba - Upright Bass and vocals
Mike "Mad Dog" Minnick - Drums and vocals
Paul Galaxy - Songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocals

About Paul Galaxy and the Galactix: 
Paul Galaxy and the Galactix are a high powered trio from Denver, Colorado Formed in 1996, the group has been performing around the US in a non-stop frenzy Paul Galaxy hails from Youngstown, Ohio originally and serves up a mix of screaming rockabilly and blazing instrumental surf guitar "Mad Dog" Mike Minnick, from Camarillo, CA and Chris "Chopper" Cordoba, Denver, provide an intricate backbeat for Paul to put the hammer down on "We're not out here to change the world," says Paul Galaxy, "I sing about things I likewomen and cars" And with songs titles like "Flamethrower", "Model A", "Crazy Love", and "Bad Girl" the point is very clear So, come one come all Gas up your Hotrod and scrub those whitewalls Call on your favorite gal or fella and let them know that Paul Galaxy and the Galactix are in town After you put on your Sundaygo-to-meetin' best and polish up your boots, head on down to the pub The boys are ready and will be giving it their all on stage for those brave souls who are willing to shed the shackles of an MTV driven music business For on the 8th day God created Rockabilly and it was good With radio play and the sales success of the band's first album,"Flamethrower", Rollin' Rock Records and the legendary Ronnie Weiser took a good look at Paul Galaxy and the Galactix and decided to add them to the label in early 2001 In May of 2001, the group recorded their second album, "Cross the Line" which was also a huge critical and popular success The band recorded their latest album, "Slingshot" in the Spring of 2004 "Slingshot" steps up the pace with a broad range of musical styles for the adventurous listener and tantalizes them with tastes of surf, rockabilly and western grind It is a sure bet to get the mouth watering and the feet tapping Grease Up!!!!   

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