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CD - Ali Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers - Motorcycle Bound

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1. Motorcycle Bound
2. Born Deep Down In The Country
3. I´m Lame
4. I´m Working
5. Bodega Bar
6. So Good So Bad
7. 6 Feet Down
8. I Gotta Real Strange Feeling
9. Restless
10. Wild
11. Wolfcall
12. Aligator
13. Dance Theme
14. Lost On B33

Description: Amazing solo album by Ray Collins, the leader of the HOT-CLUB and composer of such hits like Barefoot & Bye Bye Paris!!!
Ray Collins (leader of RAY COLLINS’ HOT CLUB and composer of hits such as Barefoot or Bye Bye Paris) publishes now under its Christian baptismal name "Ali Gator" Rockabilly noise like it since Hasil Adkins anybody did not dare to take up more. During it with Songs like "Real strange Feeling" with transverse flute employment and a bitter warning of marijuana still relatively intellectually happens, goes with Songs as "Wild" finally any civilization the brook down. Developed the photographs between 1993 and 2006. 
After the publication on a few EPs, which bought only absolute Freaks under shop bars, was to be packed it now highest time of this musical Demolition Derby on an album. 
Motorcycle Bound is the optimal sound track for each tavern fight with bad guys.

Note: Rev your engines ladies and gentlemen, he comes Ali Gator and his motorcycle sound to burn rubber via your speakers. The reptile rockers deliver this CD with tracks collected from 1994-2006 featuring Tommy Greed! If your BSA is not wired for sound, perhaps you can purchase this CD take it with you on your iPod as you rock-out between S-turns. Get it now and prepare yourself for summer bike jamboree´s.

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