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CD - Rip Carson & And The Twilight Trio - Savage American Rock

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This is the european release of their same titled album by US-label "Rollin Rock Records"! 

Ganz in der Tradition von Rollin' Rock-Labelkollegen wie MACK STEVENS sind die jungen Musiker aus Kalifornien Vertreter des unpolierten 50's-Style-Rockabilly. Auf 'Savage American Rock' finden sich wahre Perlen des Genres, die erahnen lassen, wie ansteckend und energiegeladen diese Band live spielt. 

Songs wie 'Don't My Baby', 'Full Of Sin', 'Two Timin' Woman', 'Keep Your Pain' oder 'All Alone & Blue' haben alles, was perfekten Rockabilly mit Traditionsbewusstsein ausmacht. 

Ein Genre-Highlight! 
16 Songs (Eigenkompositionen)
über 45 Min. Spielzeit.
Rezension: '(...) Fünfziger Rock "n" Roll der Extraklasse.' (Ox 11/09)


1. Don't Holy My Baby 2:40
2. Full Of Sin 2:35
3. So Long 2:22
4. Come On Back 2:27
5. Green In My Pocket 3:27
6. All Alone & Blue 3:38
7. 2 Timin' Woman 2:25
8. You Can Find Another Man 2:14
9. Gamble My Life Away 3:05
10. Keep Your Pain 4:27
11. I Gotta Rock 2:32
12. Down That Line 2:52
13. Get It Through To You 1:59
14. I'm Gonna Drink 2:50
15. Tornado Love 3:36
16. Whiskey'n Water 2:33

Released: 2009

There could not have been a better follow-up to Rollin' Rock CD-101, Mack Stevens' "Hardcore texas cat music", than Rip Carson's "Rip Carson & the Twilight Trio", Rollin Rock CD-102. 

RIP CARSON & THE TWILIGHT TRIO are a new young California band which has betting rave reviews all over. Rip originally hails from West Virginia, and luckily for us, he has not forgotten his southern roots when he recorded this CD for Rollin' Rock. Their highly acclaimed appearance at VIVA LAS VEGAS has given them an international audience, and a Rollin' Rock special European and US tour is now in the works with NARVEL FELTS, RAY CAMPI, and MACK STEVENS. 

They further enhanced their reputation by playing at the first rockabilly bar mitzvah in history (Benny Weiser's Bar Mitzvah). 

While a CD can never compensate for the wild and frantic visuals of Rip's live show, nevertheless the savage rockin' rhythm comes across loud and clear on songs such as "Don't Hold My Baby", "Full Of Sin", and "Two Timin' Woman". The Johnny Burnette Rock 'nRoll Trio would have been proud!!!!! This is what I call "HARD ROCK"!!!! But Carson is not a one trick pony, proof of this are his moody western psychotic tunes such as "Keep Your Pain" and "All Alone &Blue". We have here Twin Peaks, Quentin Tarantino, and Sergio Leone all wrapped into one!! "So Long" and "Down That Line" are addictive melodic rockers which stick in your head after only one listening. This is what they used to call "Hit Records", before "Hit Records" were outlawed! The strong material, Danny Angulo's superb guitar, Reece Linley's pumpin' bass, and Charles Henning's crashing drums, all add up to a rip=roaring rockabilly platter. 

Sixteen tracks in all, if you like raw and nasty rockabilly and real Rock 'n’ Roll, and not the clean sterile stuff so many of today's bands produce, this one's for you daddy-o!!!! Authentic American Rockabilly recorded and produced by Rockin’ Ronny Weiser at the Rollin’ Rock Studio in Las Vegas, the Wild Wild West.

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