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10inch - VA - Teenage Cruisers

Part Records
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Info: 'Teenage Cruisers' Was The First X-Rated Rock And Roll Movie. Combining The Talents.

About The Movie: 'Teenage Cruisers' Is The First X-Rated Rock And Roll Movie. Combining The Talents Of Porn Superstars Serena And 'Long' John Holmes With Rockabilly Renegades Tony Conn, Johnny Legend, Colin Winski, And Jerry Sikorski, Cruisers Has Been Descirbed As Being To The '80'S, What 'Rock Around The Clock' Was To The Fifties.

About The Record:For The Past Ten Years, Virtually Every Living American Rockabilly Artist Has Recorded At Ronnnie Weiser's Rollin' Rock Studios In Van Nuys, California. This Soundtrack Features The Cream Of The More Than 400 Songs That Have Been Cut At The Rollin' Rock Studios. Included In This Album Are The Original Version Of ?Marie Marie?, (Currently Topping The Charts In England), Two Cuts By Billy Zoom, Lead Guitarist In L.A.'S Most Popular Band ?X?, And A Great New Song By The ?King Of Rockabilly?, Ray Campi.


Recorded, Produced, And Engineered ? Ronnie Weiser
Concept And Compilation ? Martin Margulies
Special Thanks ? Lynn Margulies, Bob Marin, Vinnie Golia, Patricia Weiser, Tom Denucci, And William Margold
Recorded At Rollin' Rock Studios
6918 Peach Ave. Van Nuys, Cal. 91406

500 Ltd. Edition, Numbered

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