CD - Western Spaghetti - Pizza Baci Signorina

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CD - Western Spaghetti - Pizza Baci Signorina
Part Records
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The Venetian band already has two CDs with the German label Part Records, respectively in 2010 and 2017, and made numerous appearances at important international festivals such as: Summer Jamboree (Italy), Walldorf Rock'n'Roll Weekender (Germany) , Bradenburger Rockabilly Meeting (Germany), Rockabilly Bombardment (Austria) and Rhythm Riot (England).

01. Western Spaghetti
02. Pizza Baci Signorina
03. Van Wood's Rock
04. Tacchi A Spillo
05. La Classe Degli Asini
06. Darkwotn Strutters' Ball
07. Carina
08. Country Monk
09. Oho! Aha!
10. La Scuola Del Ritmo
11. Il Giovanotto Matto
12. Conosci Mia Cugina
13. La Festa è Finita

A time scratched counter in an old suburban bar, Luky drinks his beer with his friend Fred, who gives himself the second brandy and asks, "how would have been the Italian music of the 30s, 40s, and 50s if artists like Natalino Otto, Alberto Rabagliati, Trio Lescano, and even myself, were we born in other lands as in Texas, Tennessee or Oklaoma? " Perhaps Fred would not have drunk the third brandy, but Luky, weaking up from that dream, began to nourish the desire to solve the doubt that doubt, he thought, "a man has to do what he can do", but also "I must have drunk too much last night". Gathered a handful of men that the legend says were ready for everything, but maybe they had nothing better to do, our Luky throw in pot songs like Maramao perché sei morto, La classe degli asini and some songs that no man had heard before, adding a bit of Western Swing, Country and Rockabilly. The result was what Luky had seen in his friend Fred Buscaglione?s hope, of course, a question always contains the hope for the answer we would like to know, and perhaps the dear Fred would have only wanted a nice plate of western spaghetti to be enjoyed with an excellent Chianti. 

The Band:
Luky Linetti - voice, washboard, ukulele
Andrea Zodio - voice, acoustic guitar, ukulele
Francesco Sassanelli - voice, electric guitar
Leonardo Artusi - voice, double bass

Other Releases of the Band:

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