CD - Hellabama Honky Tonks - Barbershop of Death

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The Hellabama Honky Tonks are back with a brandnew and fabulous album called ?Barbershop of Death?! 

01. Long Live Rock'n'Roll
02. When My Baby Gets Drunk
03. Hillbilly Moshpit
04. This Ain't A Lovesong
05. Leoslip Sally
06. Howlin' At The Moon
07. Mean Woman
08. Countryboy Country
09. What's On Your Mind
10. Funnel Of Love
11. Hurricane Twist
12. Where The Hell Did My Front Teeth Go?
13. Barbershop Of Death

Moving between the various styles of Rock?n?Roll, Swing, Country and Psychobilly, Goldi, Hias and Simon ask themselves on this album how they managed to escape being beheaded by two Mexican hairdressers (Barbershop Of Death), why the shy girlfriend goes hog wild on Friday nights (When My Baby Gets Drunk) or why partying with the best buddies could possibly lead to the loss of one?s front teeth (Where The Hell Did My Front Teeth Go?). Sounds like fun? Convince yourself and listen to ?Barbershop Of Death?, folks!

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