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If you are into foot-stompin', rod-racin', bar-burnin', thumpin? Rockabilly piano, make sure you get your hands on this record! 

Also, don't miss these guys live, or how they put it: 
01. Let's Boogie
02. Coconut Jump
03. Hidden Streams
04. Your Love Can Heal A Broken Heart
05. Rock Me Mama
06. Dream Along Little Baby
07. Mademoiselle My Belle
08. Sawgrass Chopper
09. Hot Gals Sister
10. Forty Miles To See My Baby
11. Get Your Ass Out Of My Chair Boy
12. It?s Hard To Play (When You're Passed Out Drunk)
13. Wacky Daddy
14. Let's Bop Tonight (Alternate Version)

Since the release of 'Honky Tonk Boogie' in 2013, The Blue Ribbon Four have grown in remarkable new ways. They've written new songs, they've played new venues, and
they've toured Germany and the rest of Europe learning a great deal along the way. Now, here is: their highly-anticipated sophomore studio endeavor.
The long wait has been well worthwhile, and this record will have you moving from the pounding rhythm of 'Let?s Boogie' to the ever-so-contagious lickon 'Sawgrass Chopper'.
The Blue Ribbon Four's honky tonkin' piano style reaches new heights on tunes like 'Forty Miles To See My Baby', an excursion that boasts a mean country fiddle. 
'Dream Along Little Baby', on the other hand, offers a softer ballad that'll delight fans in an entirely different way.
This album is an elegant sonic portrait of The Blue RibbonFour's talent and versatility. The selections these cats have recorded showcase their musical prowess in a fascinating
new light. Whether you?re at home, at your nearest record shop, or at one of the band's live shows, you're sure to be entertained!

For seven years now, The Blue Ribbon Four have remained an intricate part of the heartbeat of rockabilly music in Europe. In December of 2009, the band established
themselves throughout Germany as a wholly authentic piano-centered rockabilly experience. 
Their hometowns, Mainz and Wiesbaden, served as The Blue Ribbon Four's early stomping ground as they played in bars and small clubs to build their following.
Since its inception, The Blue Ribbon Four has had a variety of musicians in its line-up. In May of 2010, however, the group made their most notable shift when they began
performing as a quartet on a permanent basis.  
The band, which consists of Rockin' Piano Sam on piano and vocals, Mr. Iggy on double bass, Flatfoot Max on guitar and fiddle, and Matt-Stix on drums, now performs all over Europe.

The Blue Ribbon Four's live experience is one that promises concert goers a rocking evening. That, of course, is a guarantee that the four-piece outfit fulfills every night.
Their unique brand of rockabilly will put ?a stompin' in your heels and a shakin' in your shoes.? When on the stage, The Blue Ribbon Four bring their fans on a journey through thumpin', killer piano and dynamic, red-hot rockabilly music.

The Blue Ribbon Four are:
Rockin' Piano Sam - Piano and Vocals
Mr. Iggy - Doghouse Bass
Matt-Stix - Drums 
Stevie Guitar - Guitar
Big Block - Technic 

Other Releases of the Band:

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