LP - Same Old Shoes - Let's Go Mess Around

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"Let's Go Mess Around" is the brand new album by The Same Old Shoes, it contains 12 tracks, 10 of them are fresh, self-penned numbers wisely written and arranged by this four Italian cats creating a tasty balance between authentic rockabilly and country music, taking good care of melodies, backing vocals and catchy grooves. To enhance the recording they included two western flavored covers: a rockin rendition of a late obscure Ernest Tubb's number and the killer track Sag, Drag and Fall.


Side A
1. Let's Go Mess Around
2. Mister Blues
3. Whiskey And Milk
4. Shoop Shoop
5. Lady Wild
6. One Of These Days

Side B
7. Sag Drag And Fall
8. Baby Hop
9. Honky Tonkin' Rock
10. On A Dancefloor
11. Goin' Crazy
12. On My Mind

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