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CD - Yesterday?s Gentlemen - $1 Suits & A Whole Lotta Hoots

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The old is new again with Yesterday?s Gentlemen. These swinging lads are out to prove your suits, ties and dresses are good for more than just weddings and funerals. They?re for dancing the night away in.

01. Closing Time
02. Can't Get Away From You
03. Stabbing In C
04. Shorty's Lounge
05. Wear A Good Man Down
06. Mud Bug Boogie
07. Little Blue Tatoo
08. Long Way Back From Paradise
09. Lord Only Knows
10. Man's Ruin
11. Tonight Is The Night
12. World's Gone Mad
13. Time
14. Just Another Night

Formed in 2014 when Sin and Tonics frontman Dave ?Eddo ? Edmonson enlisted bassist Oliver Plapp to bring his Jump Blues songs to life, they?ve since been joined by Louisianan ex-patriot Steve Young on piano and Rit Coomber on drums. Now this Tasmanian group treads their own path through the familiar territories of Swing and Blues in Hobart, and around the state. Their classic sound can transport you to a dark smoky lounge bar one minute or a jiving, toe-tapping dance hall the next and they?ve brought their retro party to everywhere from the big stages of Taste of Tasmania to roaming and busking at Dark MOFO and the Bream Creek Farmer?s Market.
With their debut album $1 Suits and a Whole Lotta Hoots! freshly recorded and primed for release on Tedesco and Bundoora Records, the boys can?t wait to have you shimmying and shaking along with them.

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