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CD - Infernos - Too Hot To Handle

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The Infernos are a high-octane three piece Neo-Rockabilly band featuring the UK front man, singer/songwriter and double bass player Don Wycherley. Don started the band in 2010 with a dream to re-create the 80?s Neo-Rockabilly sounds of UK bands like Restless, The Polecats and The Blue Cats for the Australian music scene. The Infernos blast out their 'pommiebilly' sound like no other with a fire and an energy that connects with the crowd and gets everybody revved up. 

01. Infernos Intro
02. Feel So Bad
03. 0oh-Wee Baby
04. Crazy Jean
05. Pleasure Girls
06. Heart Of Stone
07. Let's Rock'n'Roll
08. Ever Lovin' Baby
09. She's A Tease
10. Only In My Dreams
11. Treat Me Right
12. All Fired Up
13. No Way Out
14. Who's That Girl
15. She's The One

The band has just released a new album ?Too Hot To Handle? which is 14 fully original tracks penned by Don.  They also have two previous fuelled-up albums ?On Fire? and ?Still Fired Up? and two dynamic music videos on YouTube. All these albums feature in their live performances.

Rob Citroni's guitar hands are electrically reminiscent of Restless and David Rogers' back-beat-driven drumming keeps feet moving. This thrill team ensures the Infernos are a fired-up force thrashing out their distinctive Pommie beat.

The Infernos have toured extensively across Australia playing all the major shows, festivals and events and have just played the 2016 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival in the USA and will be playing the ?Rock The Boat? cruise ship in 2017. 

The band is going from strength to strength gaining new fans from each and every gig as news of their exciting live shows spread.

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