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CD - Ian Calford - One More Ride

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Ian Calford has been playing Country and Rockabilly Music for almost 30 years.
With his band The Railmen, they successfully crossed the two genres with regular appearances at the Americana Festival, Hemsby Festival, and countless gigs around the UK and Europe.
In 1998 Calford took on his ?Strapped For Cash? project, recording and releasing critically acclaimed albums dedicated to the sound of Johnny Cash and Ian?s late father Cal Ford, who was known as The British Johnny Cash during his career.  The album ?Strapped For Cash? and it?s follow-up ?Going To Memphis? caused quite a stir among purists due to their authenticity - real-time recordings captured on quarter-inch tape.
The latter included songs recorded at Burns Sound Studio produced by Grammy Award winner Kurt Story, with guest musicians including bass-player Mark Winchester (Brian Setzer/Emmy Lou Harris).
Ian has been personally congratulated on his recording by Marty Stuart and none other than Johnny Cash himself, both acknowledging the authenticity of his recordings, and the fact that Ian has not classed himself as a Cash tribute artist.
The release of ?One More Ride? coincides with Ian?s new show ?The Storyteller?, born out of his musical history which began as a child with his father Cal Ford working alongside the likes of Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran and BIlly Fury.
Track List:

1. Boss Jack
2. Katy Too
3. Tennessee Flattop Box
4. Doin? My Time
5. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
6. Six White Horses
7. I Was There When It Happened
8. Sugartime
9. Papa Played The Dobro
10. My Treasure
11. Wanted Man
12. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
13. Saturday Night At Hickman County
14. Luther Played The Boogie
15. Locomotive Man
16. Cats In The Cradle
17. One More Ride

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