CD - Dead Bone Ramblers - Tales from Dead Bone Valley Vol.1

CD_ETCD 6092
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The Dead Bone Ramblers are pure rockin country bop!
Tales From Deadbone Valley brings you songs of hate, love, lies and lonesome goodbyes.
With this vinyl and CD double-pack, Dead Bone Ramblers will take you back to the halcyon days of the early 1950s?

1. Blues I''m Through With You
2. Since I Wronged You
3. Things You Make Me Do
4. You Won't Be My Baby No More
5. A Smile A Kiss A Broken Heart
6. Your Daddy Will Not Roam
7. Can't Find You Girl
8. Hip To My Love
9. Old Fairground
10. Broken Down Heart
11. Another Lie Upon Your Lips
12. Honeycomb???

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