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CD-2 - Lucky Devils - Under Cover And Still Alive

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"Under Cover and Still Alive" is something special from longstanding psychobilly trio The Lucky Devils.
This double-disc set presents a brand new studio album on disc one; brand new as in that these are recent recordings released for the first time, although the songs themselves are old classics.
This is the "Under Cover" part of the album, as the Devils tackle classic songs from the 1960s, '70s and '80s, injecting them with psychobilly adrenaline.
The songbooks of The Four Tops, The Kings, REM, Kiss, The Zombies, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, Midnight Oil, Matt Bianco and The Clash are all plundered, and the resulting psychobilly styled reworkings are something of a success.
Second disc "Still Alive" is an excellent quality recording of the gig that marked The Lucky Devils 15th anniversary.
This strong set is constructed on-stage performances of highlights from the bands first one-and-a-half decades, and in contrast is disc one, is heavily weighted with Lucky Devils originals.

Disc One:

1. Reach Out I'll Be There
2. More Than I Can Bear
3. Sunny Afternoon
4. Beds Are Burning
5. The One I Love
6. Mother's Little Helper
7. I Was Made For Loving You
8. She's Not There
9. Personal Jesus
10. London Calling
Disc Two:

1. Don't Shop Around
2. Look My Way
3. Bye Pretty Baby
4. I'll Keep On Rockin' When I'm Dead
5. Time Passes By
6. Let's Rock The Blues
7. Ghost Surfers
8. Oh Babe
9. Sex Drive
10. Runaway Train
11. Beautiful Stranger
12. Call Me
13. To Hell
14. Gangster
15. Psychophobia
16. Blue Hotel
17. Hinnom
18. You're Bad

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