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10inch - VA - Hillbilly Goes Electric Vol. 2

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(2017/Richard Weize Archives) 10" LP - Klappcover - 10 Titel - 26 min. -The Richard Weize Archives make available the first in a series of 10? albums which will explore post war electric country boogie recordings. Due to post war austerity maintaining a large band was too costly and the result was the beginning of small combos. The cowboy singers had to be heard and amplification of the instruments was replacing the acoustic cowboy sound, they had to play louder at Juke Joints to be heard over the often rowdy crowds. The music itself is a wonderful rhythmic fusion of hillbilly and western music blended with black blues and rhythm influences. The album is informatively annotated by Kevin Coffey offering fascinating insights into the artist?s music and the musicians who provided the compelling rhythms. The 100g, 10 inch vinyl album is housed in a high quality gatefold sleeve which opens out to display numerous vintage images with many rare photographs to add a face to the music.


Side A:

1. Catfish Boogie - Reece Shipley
2. Bingo Boogie - Tommy Mooney with Bobby Mooney & his Automobile Babies
3. Boogie Woogie Blond - Johnny Daume & his Ozark Ridge Runners
4. Too Fat Boogie - Leroy Jenkins & his Texas Showboys
5. Bomb Bosh Boogie - Jack Rowe & his Wichita Mountain Boys

Side B:

6. Barn Dance Boogie - Sunshine Sue & her Rangers feat. Cousin Joe Maphis
7. Gene Boogie - Valley Ranch Boys
8. Sugar Street Boogie - Preston Miller & The Drifters
9. Blackfoot Boogie - Tiny Stokes & The Frontiersmen
10. Twin Guitar Boogie - Corky Edminister & his Kans Corral Gang

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