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Single - Wayne Cochran - Liza Jane

Sleazy Records
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Side A:
1. Liza Jane
2. No Return

Side B:
1. Last Kiss
2. Funky Feeling

In this world is still possible to find virgin places, beaches never trodden by no man and unknown Rock ?n? Roll artists that still deserve recognition.
Wayne Cochran is one of them, and only for his hairdo it worths! But beyond his crazy look Wayne was a frantic rocker that began playing Rockabilly in the mid 50?s and found his way in the 60?s singing a mix of Soul and Rock ?n?Roll. Becoming a kind of white James Brown with an impresive voice and out of this planet dances, he invented the "Moon walk" 20 years before Michael Jackson!
Here you have his complete recordings for Gala Records, two singles recorded on the early 60?s. If you´ve got the last of them you?re a lucky bastard! But if not, don?t worry, now it´s reissued here, for the first time since 1962! A groovin´ vinyl jewelled with a fantastic rockin? cover of the classic LIZA JANE, coupled with NO RETURN, an exotic and irresitible stroll. Here is also the first version of LAST KISS, his major hit years later for King Records, and finally FUNNY FEELIN? a slow Rockabilly number, recorded in 1961 with the feelin? of 1955.
Stop reading! Turn on your turntable, spin this record and enjoy!!

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