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Single - VA - The Legacy Of Buddy

Sleazy Records
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THE CRICKETS - Just this one
(Curtis, Mauldin, Sinks)
Just this one was never released as a single. It was included in The Crickets? first official LP, In the Style of The Crickets, in 1960.
At this point in time the band was formed by J.I. Allison, Sonny Curtis, Joe B. Mauldin and Earl Sinks. In this song they were joined by Tommy Allsup on the rhythmic guitar.
The recording sessions were held at Bell Sound studios in New York under Jack Hanson's production.
TheFireballs  -  Guees what 
( G.Tomsco ? C. Tharp )
Guess what belongs to the group of initial recordings that The Fireballs executed in Norman Petty?s studios in 1959. It was included in their first LP for Top Rank (RM324) in 1960 but never released as a single. The Fireballs, band from Raton, New Mexico was led by George Tomsco (lead guitar) and made up by him with Chuck Tharp (guitar and voice), Stan Lark (bass) and Eric Budd (drums). After their local success with the interpretation of Great Balls of Fire at High School de Ratón, P.T.A. they decided to begin their career. They contacted Norman Petty who gave them a try-out and recognized his interest in their basic style and the emotion in the band?s interpretations.
This song, composed by George Tomsco and Chuck Tharp, reveals throughout its execution the influence and devotion for the Lubbock artist.
RAY GEE & THE COUNTS - Hootenanny baby
(Ray Gouin)
Recorded for Planet (No54) label from Providence, R.I. in May 1965.
Ray Gee & The Counts were original from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Formed by Ray 'Gee' Gouin (lead guitar), Stuart 'Tiny' Ranslow (rhythm guitar), Richard Charbonneau (drums) and Ray Lamberto (piano).
This was their only single . Despite being in the crest of the Britannic invasion they looked back searching for classic Rock&Roll for their sound and transmitted Buddy Holly's legacy for this Hootenanny baby.
RICKY NELSON - Hey pretty baby
(Dorsey Burnette)
Recorded on October 1959 and released in More Songs By Ricky LP (Imperial LP9122 ) in July 1960. In this recording he was accompanied by James Burton (lead guitar), Joe Osbourne (bass), Ray Johnson (piano) and Ritchie Frost (drums). Hey Pretty Baby was released as single only in South Africa under the Renown (45N 1256) label. A clear example of the influence Buddy Holly had on all Rock&Roll classic artists.


Side One
1. The Crickets - Just This One
2. The Fireballs - Guess What

Side Two
3. Ray Gee & The Counts - Hootenanny Baby
4. Ricky Nelson - Hey Pretty Baby

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