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Single - Pike Cavalero - Boppin' & The Jivin With

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Sleazy Records
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Spain?s favorite rockin? star rises ever higher and shines even brighter with the release of his stellar new recording, ?Boppin' and Jivin' with Pike Cavalero"
Pike confidently delivers his 3th EP, filling it to the outer edges with four fantastic new songs; these grooves will crackle with the unrestrained exuberance and unrelenting energy you?ve come to love and expect from this man?s restless personality.
?Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Star? barely contains the disdain and scorn Pike holds for the flashy and false; it?s a musical warning to the selfish frauds who are ?all flash and no cash? ?you just can?t shine if you haven?t got soul! The honky-tonkin? bopper ?Here I Am? will lure your feet into a country-fueled dance-floor frolic and ?Love Engine? jump starts hearts with Francis Beard?s driving rhythm and rolls with Pike?s full-throttle pursuit of a special, pretty-eyed girl! Our record ride winds up with ?Cavalero Stomp,? a whirlwind instrumental race, replete with howls, screams and the feel of hot wind in your face: hold on tight and enjoy the trip!
Chasing shooting stars has never been easier or more fun than with the release of ?Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Star.? In a field of dim pretenders and temporary idols, it takes a true star to shine bright and lead the way. Play this platter loud and bask in the white-hot radiance of Pike Cavalero!
DJ Del Villarreal - ?Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show


Side A:
1. Twinkle, Twinkle (Pretty Star)
2. Here I Am

Side B:
3. Love Engine
4. Cavalero Stomp 

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