LP - VA - We Are The Rockers!! Vol.2

LP - VA - We Are The Rockers!! Vol.2
Sleazy Records
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(Sleazy) 16 Tracks - Die zweite Scheibe in dieser großartigen Serie! Unglaubliche 60s Rock'n' Roll Compilation mit unterhaltsamen Linernotes und toller Musik! Wer sagt, dass Rock'n' Roll 1959 gestorben ist - hier ist der Beweis, dass er überhaupt nicht gestorben ist! Fuck you purists!

Just in case it wasn?t clear enoght that Rock & Roll was alive and well during the 60?s decade after listening to the 1st volume of this series, we make a comeback with this second volumen.
Another 16 pills filled with Rockabilly, Rock & Roll and Country Rockers recorded and released from 1960 to 1967 that prove again that the rockers of the 60s kept on leading.
We Are The .....Rockers!!!


Side A
1. Sweet Little Rock And Roller - The Sensations Sound
2. I Go Ape - The Rocking Vickers
3. You Shake Me - Bobby Lane
4. Meet Me Here (In New Orleans) - David Hayes
5. Don't Bother Me - Tony Valentine
6. Baby What'Ya Say - Bill Gentry  
7. If You Can't Make Me Better - Jack Hanks Trio  
8. Suzie-Q (I-L-O-V-E-U) - Bob & Joe  

Side B
9. There'll Never Be Another - Jack C. Smith  
10. Wasted Years - Tom O'Connor & The Country Mainliners  
11. Fool About You - Danny darren & The Drifting Playboys  
12. She's My Girl - Phil Sloan  
13. It's The Beat - The Discogs  
14. My Color Is Blue - Nicky James  
15. That Weepin' Willow Tree - Ray Griff  
16. Oh, Girls, Girls - The Sparkles

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