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After a long period of recording, which includes some sessions with special guests like Vozes da Radio, Rita Silva, Manu Hydhra, Marta Ren and Jean-Pierre Cardot, the result
The 14 tracks is releases in CD format by Sleazy Records
With this record the band step forward big time into direction early 60's Rhythm'n'Blues with a solid stash of early Soul.
So, it is time to groove, dance, drink and yell!!!
LP vinyl releases by the partner friend Migraine Records.


1.) Busy Lovin' You
2.) No One's Gonna Rule My World
3.) What Ever Happened To You 4.) One Fine Day
5.) Mighty Fine
6.) Sinner Man
7.) In A Melancholic Mood
8.) Seven Veils
9.) Between A Rock And A Hard Piece
10.) Biggest Fool In Town
11.) But Still I Do
12.) Lonesome Traveller
13.) Jungle Eva
14.) No Money
15.) Venon Dream Queen

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