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Single - King Beans - Who's Cryin' Sweet Papa Now, Six Days On T

Part Records
SI_PART EP 043 001
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A Hack-A-Hack-A Burning King Beans!
Dies Ist Die Debut ? Ep Mit Vier Coversongs, Deutschen Quartetts.

From The Wide Open Spaces Of The Franconian Bean Fields Four Farmers Joined Forces To Provide The World With 'King Beans'.
They First Came Together In The Rich Harvest Of 2000 And Decided To Campaign Against Worldwide Mono-Agriculture By Creating A New Song-Breeding For Your Complete Listening Pleasure Without Any Musical Boundaries. 

It'S Not Necessary To Point Out One Of The Four Guys: Day Labourer Arne ? Shouting And Beating The Piano, Framer Michael ? Hacking The Accordion, Lumberjack Andy ? Sawing On The Bass Trunk And Chief Chrissie ? Beating The Butt. 

With The Assistance Of These Tools And The Rather Unusual Mix Of Styles The King Beans Deliver A Product The Listener Will Long Remember.

1. Who's Cryin' Sweet Papa Now 
2. Six Days On The Road 
3. Viva Las Vegas 
4. Al Capone 

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