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CD - VA - Teenage Cruisers

Artikel 134 VON 205
Part Records
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Rockabilly soundtrack from the B-Movie "Teenage Cruisers" featuring legendary US-artists from the ROLLIN ROCK RECORDS label like The Blasters, Ray Campi, Johnny Legend, Jackie Lee Cochran, etc.!

Genre: Rock: Rockabilly
Release Date: 2000

1. Johnny Legend - Are You Hep To It 2:12
2. Billy Zoom - Bad Boy 1:52
3. Billy Zoom - Say When 1:47
4. Blasters - Marie Marie 2:05
5. Ray Campi - The Newest Wave 1:53
6. Wildman Tony Conn - Hard Knocks And Tough Rocks 2:39
7. Johnny Legend - California Rockabilly 1:46
8. Johnny Legend - Let's Get Goin' 1:53
9. Jerry Sikorski - Backseat Boogie 1:38
10. Alvis Wayne - I Wanna Eat Your Pudding 1:47
11. Jackie Lee Cochran - Hungry Hill 3:47
12. Charlie Feathers - That Certain Female 3:05

"Teenage Cruisers" was the first x-rated Rock and Roll Movie. 
Combining the talents.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: ´Teenage Cruisers´ is the first X-rated Rock and Roll movie.
Combining the talents of porn superstars Serena and ´long´ John Holmes with rockabilly renegades Tony Conn, Johnny Legend, Colin Winski, and Jerry Sikorski, Cruisers has been descirbed as being to the ´80´s, what ´Rock Around the Clock´ was to the fifties.

ABOUT THE RECORD: For the past ten years, virtually every living American rockabilly artist has recorded at Ronnnie Weiser´s Rollin´Teenage Cruisers.
Oh boy! There are some Rollin' Rock CLASSICS here!
This is an excellent 'Rollin' Rock sampler cd, and the film was a riot - definitely worth seeking out..... Track 8 is one of my favourite all-time Rollin' Rock tracks - a minor masterpiece where sock-hop pop-rock'n'roll meets rockabilly.

I actually have a copy of the film, too.... Here's a review of it: 
"The first X-rated rock'n'roll movie ever made, Teenage Cruisers transcends three decades, talking the viewer on erotic tour through the 50's, 60's and 70's as well." 
It is an interesting, highly arousing and extremely funny adventure. 
A group of high school kids, out carousing the main street of their town, come upon a series of sexual scams, including a breasty bake-off and a live donkey show. 
At the same time, a man is gobbled up in a pool, a guy named Johnny comes (literally) home to his love and an on the skin reporter goes bonkers.

All of this insane action is braced with what is known as Rockabilly is a goat that eats pebbles, you'll have to change your thinking."
Roy Williams

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