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CD - Ray Campi - Hollywood Cats

Part Records
CD_PART-CD 613.001
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No need to say anything about good ole Ray.
Musician since the fifties, famous since his releases on Rollin' Rock Records in the severnties - and he is still songwriting and recording every day, This is the rerelease of one of Ray's original Rollin' Rock Releases

1. Rockabilly Man 2:51
2. No Way Out 1:33
3. Don't Come Knocking 1:50
4. Love Me 1:50
5. Give Me A Taste 2:53
6. Rock Of The 80's 2:48
7. Do What You Did 1:49
8. Hold That Train 2:25
9. Hollywood Cats 2:35
10. Recipe For Love 1:26
11. Soul Sister 1:55
12. Lucky To Be In Love 1:32
13. Little Love Lies 1:55
14. Rockabilly Music 1:56
15. I've Been Around 2:00
16. Once Is Enough 2:21

Release: 1994
RT: 31.49

No need to say anything about good ole Ray. Musician since the fifties, famous since his releases on Rollin´ Rock Records in the seventies and still songwriting, recording and playing today This is the re-release of one or Ray´s original Rollin´ Rock LP´s. This is an eighties recording with Rip Masters on piano and Jimmie Lee Maslon on guitars/harmonica, along with other Rollin' Rock 'people'. Ray Campi has been a mainstay of the Rockabilly scene for many years now. This is one of his later albums, and is not as 'raw' as his Fifties stuff or the Rollin' Rock stuff. If you like well-produced modern American 'roots' Rockabilly, then this is a good buy.

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