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CD - Kentucky Boys - Blue Train To Darkness

Part Records
CD_PART-CD 612.006
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The Kentucky Boys' wild stage show even gave them the opportunity to support German stars like Ted Herold or Truck Stop, and also to see a prison from the inside - but, of course, only to entertain the inmates.... But how to describe their style....?

They prefer British Rockabilly ? Rock 'n' Roll, but you can't just put them into the Teddy Boy category. Their unconventional Kentucky Boys style ranges from Country to Rhythm & Blues including a lot of their own songs, some of which have already been covered., The own songs Wild Cruisin? Cat, TEDS, No Name etc., but also covers like Jack The Ripper, Passenger or Teddy Boy are well-established parts of Record Hops all over the world. The Boys are influenced by Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cash, Elvis ..........The Blasters, Fabulous Thunderbirds , George Thorogood........... and even the great Revival R 'n' R bands of the 70's.

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