CD - Greggi G & His Crazy Gang - Have Bass, Will Travel

Part Records
CD_PART-CD 611.001
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Danceable Rock'n'Roll, Boogie and Jive. Known as beeing the bassplayer of Graham Fenton's Matchbox and beeing the bandleader of the Jive Brothers, Greg is very much known for his talents. Lots of rockin' and rollin' boppin' and strollin' tunes.
Dancers welcome.

1. Roller Coaster
2. Midnight Special
3. Red Hot
4. Honky Tonk Man
5. Dig That Boogie
6. Hot Rod Boogie
7. Grandaddy's Rockin
8. Danny
9. Red For Danger
10. T-Bone Shuffle
11. Blue Skies
12. Tennessee Rockin
13. Morse Code
14. Tell Me Baby
15. Oh Darling
16. Jump Jive Boogie

"Although my name appears on a number of CD´s and albums with the likes of Matchbox, The Wild Angels and session works, this is my first solo album."

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