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CD - VA - Street Corner Symphonies Vol. 11 - 1959

Bear Family
CD_BCD 17289
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01. The Flamingos: I Only Have Eyes For You
02. The Clovers: Love Potion No. 9
03. The Skyliners: This I Swear
04. The Crests: The Angels Listened In
05. The Sheppards: Island Of Love
06. The Falcons: You're So Fine
07. The Impalas: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
08. The Channels:My Love Will Never Die
09. The Accents: Wiggle, Wiggle
10. The Shirelles: Dedicated To The One I Love
11. The Impressions: Senorita I Love You
12. Dion and The Belmonts: A Teenager In Love
13. Little Anthony & The Imperials: Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop
14. The Mystics: Hushabye
15. The Rivieras: Moonlight Serenade
16. The Genies: Who's That Knocking
17. The Passions: Just To Be With You
18. The Coasters: Charlie Brown
19. Huey Smith (and The Clowns): Dearest Darling 
20. The Dells: Dry Your Eyes
21. The Olympics: (Baby) Hully Gully
22. Little Jimmy and The Tops: Puppy Love
23. The Eternals: Rockin' In The Jungle
24. The Fireflies: You Were Mine
25. The Fiestas: Good News
26. The Boss-Tones:Mope-itty Mope
27. Phil Phillips with The Twilights: Sea Of Love
28. The Desires: Let It Please Be You
29. The Fantastics: There Goes My Love
30. The Satintones: My Beloved (without strings)
31. The Fascinators:Oh Rose Marie
32. The Sonics: This Broken Heart
33. The Drifter: There Goes My Baby
34. The Isley Brothers: Shout (Parts 1 & 2)

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