CD-2 - Spiders - The Imperial Sessions

Bear Family
CD_BCD 15673
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Cd-1: I Didn´T Want To Do It, You´Re The One, For A Thrill, Mellow Mama, Lost And Bewildered (Slowly Loosing My Mind), Tears Begin To Flow (Sneaky Pete), Why Do I Love You, Love´S All I´M Puttin´ Down, I´Ll Stop Crying, Mmm Mmm Baby (Hey Baby), I´M Slipping In, Mmm Mmm Baby, Walking Around In Circles, I´M Searchin´, The Real Thing, She Keeps Me Wondering, 21 (3x7=21), That´S Enough, Sukey, Sukey, Sukey, Bells In My Heart, Am I The One, Don´T Knock, John The Revelator, Bye And Bye

Cd-2: (True) You Don´T Love Me, Witchcraft, You Played The Part, Is It True (A Little Bird Told Me), How I Feel, That´S The Way To Win My Heart, Goodbye, I´Ll Be Free, Don´T Pity Me, Dear Mary, A,1 In My Heart, Without Love, Someday Bye And Bye, That´S My Desire, Better Be On My Way, Honey Bee, I´M Glad For Your Sake, Poor Boy, The Bells Are Ringing, I Miss You, Times, You´Re The One, Tennessee Slim

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