LP - Jack Scott - On Groove

Bear Family
LP_BFX 15005
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1. Flakey John
2. Jingle Bell Slide
3. There's Trouble Brewin'
4. Tall Tales
5. Wiggle In Out
6. I Knew You First
7. Blue Skies ( Moving In On Me)
8. Seperation's Now Granted
9. I Prayed For An Angel
10. Thou Shalt Not Steel
11. The Road Keeps Winding
12. Let's Learn To Live And Love Again
13. Don't Hush The Laughter
14. This Is Where I Came In
15. Looking For Linda
16. I Hope, I Think, I Wish
17. Standing On The Outside Looking In
18. Gone Again
19. I Don't Believe In Tea Leaves
20. What A Wonderful Night Out

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