Single - TT Syndicate - Movin' And A Groovin'

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A-Side: Movin' And a Groovin'
B-Side: Venom Dream Queen
Format: 7 inch / 45rpm / mono

Brand new twinspin 45' by Portugals rocketing 7 piece R'n'B sensation.

When we decided to release the bands debut, a year ago, we already thought that this band will hit the scene like a madgone wasp nest.

R'n'B meets serious rockin' with a big bang of early 60's Soul - what an explosive cocktail.

Now, 12 month later, the band performed at some of the biggest shows like Great Shakin' Fever, Hangar Rockin', High Rockabilly, Glemseck 101,
with some more, even bigger shows, at the Rhythm Riot (november) and Purple Weekender (december). More to come anyway!!!
Like a rocketride on the dancefloor, the first 45' became a hit on the 50's & 60's scene dancefloors and here we go with another double A-Sider
by Portugal finest R'N'B band TT Syndicate.

"Movin' And A Groovin' is a straight in your face uptempo jiver with loads of bang in the 3 piece hornsection, whilst "Venom Dream Queen" is an early 60's a like 
R'n'B Stroller..... means a true dancefloor classic in many ways!!!
The record, as usual at Migraine Records, is available in a pressing of 500 copies only (hand numbered).

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