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Single - George Jones - Root Beer; Slave Lover

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Sleazy Records
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1962 marked a new Era for George Jones, it was a time for change not at least in his singing style , which would prove to be an influence on many others,  He began to sing in lower registers and together with his distinctive phrasing, it gave him a whole new sound leaving behind the edging nasality of his previous Starday - Mercury Recordings.

Jones took his first steps on United Artists in January of 1962. He recorded an entire album in one day at the Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville. The album would be called "THE NEW FAVOURITES OF GEORGE JONES", and was produced by Pappa Daily.

The best musicians in their fields were used for this session,    and just when you didn't think could get any better The Jordanaires provide the great harmonizing for ROOT BEER.

SLAVE  LOVER  was originally issued on the album THE NOVELTY SIDE OF GEORGE JONES , back in 1963 but was in fact recorded three years earlier at the Owen Bradley Studio, you won't hear  steel guitar, just good rocking music  in both tracks. Only the best musicians were used on these recordings. The "Jones - Paycheck" team remained, but now with Donald Lyttle , a twenty year old talented singer and bass player from Ohio who took a chance on Nashville and played with Jones  throughout the mid 60's.

This is the first time anywhere that both of these tracks appear on 45 rpm.
So Roll that Rig! put yours ears on and play this record!


Side A
1. Root Beer

Side B
2. Slave Lover

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