CD - Ruthie & The Wranglers - Live At Chick Hall's Surf Club

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1st Set:
01. Intro
02. Sparkin' Brown Eyes
03. I Wanna Be Your Auctioneer
04. Knee Deep In The Blues
05. Don't Bug Me Baby
06. Lover, Come Back To Me!
07. Paper Roses
08. Dirty Dirty Feelin'
09. Ain't It Wrong
10. Boogie Woogie Country Girl

11. Low Life
12. Wave Goodbye
13. For Cryin' Out Loud
14. Talkin' To Myself

2nd Set:
15. If It's The Last Thing I Do
16. Hot Potato
17. I'm A Little Confused
18. Straight A's In Love
19. Folsom Prison Blues
20. Too Much
21. Let's Have A Party
22. Thinkin' And Drinkin'
23. Mt. Airy Stomp
24. Rockabilly Song #10

25. Fist City

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