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LP - VA - Kick-Started By The King - Rhythm & Blues With The Essence Of...

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Rhythm & Blues with the Essence of Elvis...
Maybe all roads lead to Elvis, or maybe they all originate from him. The theory of six degrees (or less) of separation holds true here and is illustrated on this compilation. Roy Hamilton and Brook Benton were both much admired by Elvis, Jesse Stone wrote songs that Elvis covered or performed and also pulled together the Cues. The Cues included Jimmy Breedlove and Ollie Jones, Stone backed Hamilton on Crazy Feeling, Blackwell also wrote some of Elvis? biggest hits and co-wrote with Winfield Scott (also on the MGM We Wrote ?Em We Sing ?Em compilation and working with Jesse Stone and the Cues). Lavern Baker directly responds to the King?s recording of Little Sister with Hey Memphis and Elvis also covered her song You?re The Boss (recorded with Bass man Jimmy Ricks, also connected to Ollie Jones via the Ravens) with Ann-Margret for Viva Las Vegas, Clarence Paul wrote a song Roy Hamilton had a hit with, Elvis sang one of Ollie Jones? songs, Blackwell wrote for Elvis and Dee Clark and Elvis and Dee Clark also worked with the same drummer, Jerome ?Stump? Monroe?the permutations are almost infinite. This compilation pulls together recordings by a roster of stars that are influenced by or evocative of Elvis? style or material. Alternatively, Elvis was influenced by some of these singers or songs. We invite you to listen to this selection and ponder for yourselves the interconnectivity and small world of Rock and Roll?or maybe just enjoy the music!


Side A
1. Jeaulous Fool ? Jimmy Breedlove
2. I Wanna Do Everything For You ? Brook Benton
3. All Shock Up ? Otis Blackwell
4. I Need Love ? Ray Brewster
5. First Stage Of The Blues ? Johnny Fuller
6. Hey Memphis ? Lavern Baker
7. Music And Fire ? Otis Blackwell
8. Jailhouse Rock ? Jimmy Breedlove
9. Falling In Love Again ? Clarence Paul
10. Send For Me ? Ollie Jones
11. Paralysed ? Emile Ford
12. Stepping Out ? Brook Benton

Side B
13. Lucky Me ? Dee Clark
14. Make Ready For Love ? Otis Blackwell
15. All Night Long ? Johnny Fuller
16. Just Tell Me When ? Brook Benton
17. Crazy Feeling ? Roy Hamilton
18. Don't Want Your Letters ? Gerry Grauger
19. Heartbreak Hotel ? The Cadets
20. Old Fish ? Lenny Lacour
21. Crawfish ? Jesse Stone And The Stone Crushers
22. Lonely Street ? Lennie Lacour
23. Teddy Bear (Demo) ? Otis Blackwell

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