LP - Monsters - Birds Eat Martians

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LP - Monsters - Birds Eat Martians
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Track List:

1. Intro

2. Pony Tail And A Black Cadillac

3. Chicken Baby

4. Get On The Right Track Baby

5. I'm Always Wrong

6. Wild Wild Lover

7. I Got The Brain Up My Ass

8. Dead End Street

9. You Don't Have To Do It

10. Down The Road
1. Black
2. We Are Middle Class
3. Speed Racer
4. I Wanna Be Dead
5. Birds Eat Martians
6. Walking Through A Cemetery

Primitive Rock´N´Roll Meets Chainsaw Massacre Garage Trash Punk

15 Song Lp

Voodoo Rhyhtm The Label For The Ultimate Bad Taste Rock`N`Roller And Incredable Strange Music Lover Yust Released A New 7´ Vinyl Single By Germanys Most Nuts And Crazy Elvis Impersonator

Wild Primitive Teenage Primitive Rock?n?roll Mixed Up With Chainsaw Massacre Garage Punk And Trash! The 5?th Album And The Best One! Full Fist In Your Face Music And Lyrics Recorded By Kat-A-Log Who Also Recorded Their ?95 Album On Germanys Jungle Noise Label! The Monsters Are Beat-Man, Janosh And Di Putto, And They Give You The Full, inchTrio Sound- Guitar Bass And Drumsinch, As You Like It! There Are Two Cover Versions On This Fine Slab-O-Wax . inchWild Wild Loverinch By Benny Joy And inchGet On The Right Trackinch By Joe Clay. Full-Delay-Vox Far-Out-Fucked-Up-Rockabilly-Trash In The Typical Monsters Fashion. Cover Art By Dirk Bonsma.

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