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LP - Mental Shakedown - Bop'n'Destroy

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Formed by Axel Gieseking, while living in Finland, as one-time fun-project to record my favourite Punk-Rock
songs in Teddyboy style the project developed a life of its own pretty fast and has become my regular band.
Influences range from 80s Neo-Rockabilly to Surf, from Teddyboy Rock'n'Roll to 60s Garage and hints of
Western-Swing and Country can be found as well. We are not always sure what it is but it sure is some kinda
Rock'n'Roll with a twist. 

Bop'n'Destroy ? LP
Coming in a one-of-a-kind sleeve designed by the 'King of Weird' Darren Merinuk ? a giant Teddyboy is
about to crush planet earth with his brothel creeper ? the album includes 12 songs recorded in Finland and
Berlin. Played with either bass-guitar or Slap-Bass the 12 songs demonstrate perfectly the mix of styles and
sounds the band is trying to create and despite the differences it all sounds organic. Besides their own
material 3 cover-songs were recorded. Looking at this selection - the Seeds 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine',
Iggy and the Stooges 'Search and Destroy', the Dead Boys 'Caught With The Meat' - it becomes obvious that
Mental Shakedown is not another run-of-the-mill Rockabilly band, but a band that is different, with unique
style and distinctive sound. 


Side A
1. Somewhere Bound
2. Love Vandal
3. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
4. Trapped In Riihimäki
5. I Saw The Future
6. Motör Oil

Side B
7. Trail Of Destruction
8. Search & Destroy
9. My Quiff's Long Gone
10. Every Fuckin' Thing
11. Caught With The Meat
12. Switchblade Stomp

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