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LP - Ike & The Capers - I'm not shy to do

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What's The Show I'm Haddin Home, Why's Blues All Around For Me, I'm Leaving You Today, I'm Not Shy To Do, Every Little Girl, She's Gone, Starlight, Everytime You Leave, Now It's Time To Make You Mine, She's Gone (Slow Version), Steady We'll Be No More

12 Tracks, 199
7. Authentic Rockabilly. German Band From Berlin

'The second CD of Ike & the Capers contains their LP ´I´m not shy to do´ (Sfax Records) and the Hit-EP ´Green in my pocket´ (El Toro Records). Best 50´s style Rockabilly. Get it and BOP ! 
Ike & The Capers "With the massive success of ex Stray Cat Brian Setzer in recent times it is a good time to reflect that rockabilly, 50s swing, call it whatever the cool journalists call it this week, has never totally gone away. Ike & The Capers are totally into 1957 and Gene and Buddy and it makes for funtime music, totally evoking the era of drive-in diners, terrific jukeboxes and inspiration point at midnight. Ike & The Capers summon up every stereotype of the period but you forgive them because even in trying to recreate some terrific music from 40 years ago they give you a good time, terrific dance music. Really cool and great fun. And in glorious mono." Kevin Ring (Beat Scene magazine)

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