LP - Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers - Snake Pit

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This Is Desperate Rock'n'roll Trilling Stomping Rockabilly Blues And Swampy Trash Music From Some Of The Most Respektable Musicians From London In This Genre ... 

Hipbone Slim Aka Sir Bald Diddley On The Guitar 
John ?Wildebeests-Kaisers ? Gibbs - At The Double Bass/Electric Bass 
Bruce ?Milkshakes-Headcoats-Masonics ? Brand - On Drums 

What Can I Say More... This Combination Is Like Dynamite And Stands For Good Qualitee 

1. Snake Pit
2. Fiery Eyes
3. Close My Eyes
4.Restin' On My Laurels
5.Ain't Nobody Else
6.Catch Some Rays

7.Big Game Hunter 
8.You Done This
9.Get Outmyself
10.When You Do The Things You Do 
11. Slip Bone Slam 
12. Bitter 'N' Twisted

These 12 Songs Will Take You Trou A Jurney Throu Rockin Swamp 50's Louisiana (Snake Pit) And Throu A Rockin London In Big Game Hunter... And To Amsterdams Red Lite District In 'Fiery Eyes... 

All Recorded At Londons Famous Toe Rag Studios (White Stripes, Reverend Beat-Man,...)

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