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LP - Fifty Foot Combo - The Monstro Phonic Sound - Live at Ernes

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It Was Bound To Happen ! Thee Monstrophonic Sound, Finally Captured Live! After Several Ep's And 4 Albums These Kings Finally Agreed On Putting Their Highly Unique Mix Of Tribal Garage, Surfpunk, Soul, R&R, Excotica And What Else On A Exploding Live-Album There's A Perfect Ballance Between Powerfull Uptempo Stompers And More Twangy Nodders....A Sound Created By An Original Mix Of Fuzz, Gogo Drums, Reverb,Creepy Organ, Persuassive Percussion, And Wahwah Guitars...It's A Sound Wich Got The Band The Reputation Of Belgium's Most Wanted And Dangerous Live-Act.A Reputation Wich Got Them On Stages All Over Europe And On Festivals Sucg As Roskilde In Denmark For The Recordings, Fifty Foot Combo Took Themselves Set Up At Ernesto's, A Small But Vibrating Club In Holland Who Succesfully Recorded Live-Gigs Of Bands Such As Skatalites,Slackers And Paladins What You Get Here Is The Full Registration Of A Tequil-Drenched R&R Night ...And 70 Min.!Of Pure Excitement, Blended On One Cd Or Double Vinyl!!! So, Put This One On And Get Soaked Into Thee Monstrophonic Sound Live!!!!!

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