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LP-2 - John Lewis - 33 Years - Stage By Stage

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33 years ago I stepped on to a small stage in Barry, plugged my Stratocaster in to a very dodgy amp to play my 1st rocking gig. 33 years later I?m still on the road. In that time I?ve stepped on to stages all over the world to play my tunes and entertain a variety of audiences. I?ve been lucky enough to have played alongside some of the best musicians in the world. It?s been an up and down ride but a whole lotta? of fun. Many thanks to all of you who have shared in the party and helped me along the way. Here?s to the next 33 years.
This album is It?s a breeze though my back catalogues from all of my musical incarnations, containing my more well-known works, favourite choices and too many unreleased recordings.
Rimshots, Johnny Bach, Trio, Duo, Solo, Session work, the lot.
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John Lewis


Side A
1. I'm Ready
2. Rollin'
3. Honey Bee
4. Hanging Tree
5. It Hurts
6. Rock N' Roll Guitar
7. Love Her All The Time
8. I Hope You're Happy That I'm Glad
9. I Don't Care

Side B
10. Sugar Sugar
11. Rust Free
12. What Kind Of Love Is This
13. Sanity
14. Bad Company
15. It Ain't My Job To Tell You
16. One More Beer
17. Ramblin' Man

Side C
18. Lay Back & Be Cool
19. Waltz Around The Kitchen
20. You Saved My Heart
21. I Had Better Times
22. Jail Song
23. Boppin' The Blues
24. Chump Man Blues
25. Talking About You
26. Let Me Go

Side D
27. Life Marches On
28. St. James Infirmary
29. What You Gonna Do
30. Not Quite The Not
31. Where Did you Sleep Last Night
32. I'm Gone
33. Drink Up & Go Home

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