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CD - VA - Wanderers Swing ? Texas Dance Hall Music

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Superb, Hugely Detailed Set Of Rare 1940s Western Swing & C&W.


1. Rip Ramsey And His Texas Wanderers - Wanderers Swing
2. Billy Briggs' Xit Boys - Panhandle Shuffle
3. Tommy Elliott And The Line Riders - Sold Out Doc (I Done Took My Sign Board Down)
4. Keith Loyd, Sons Of The Golden West - My Western Union Baby
5. Troy Jordan And His Cross-B-Boys - Don't Cry On My Shoulder
6. Don McCord And His Seven Chords - Can't Live Without You
7. Lone Star Playboys - Banjo Boogie
8. Sonny Hall And His Ozark Boys - Better Make Up Your Mind
9. Eddie Miller And His Oklahomans - Don't Break My Heart Any More
10. Tiny Colbert And His Entertainers - I Wish You Felt The Way I Do
11. Tiny Colbert - Holes In My Shoes
12. Miller Bros. Orchestra - Shadows On My Memories
13. Dub Adams And His K-Bar Ranch Hands - Income Tax
14. Texas Tophands - You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It
15. Jimmie Revard And The Oklahoma Playboys - Holdin' The Sack
16. Grouchy And The Texas Pioneers - Beaumont Rag
17. Howard Wusterhausen And The Lone Star Ramblers - When You Are Near
18. Shorty Bates And His Texas Saddle Pals - You're There
19. Eddie Miller And His Oklahomans - Release Me
20. Jesse James And All The Boys - Darling I Don't Understand
21. "Texas" Bill Strength And His Saddle Pals - Black Coffee Blues
22. Shelly Lee Alley And His Alley Cats - Low Down Blues
23. Elmer Christian and His Bar X Cowboys - A Rainy Sunday Night
24. Buster Martin's Bronco Busters - Herbie's Steel Guitar Polka
25. Jerry Irby And His Texas Ranchers - Trouble In Mind
26. Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys - Choose The One You Want
27. Melody Masters - Dessau Waltz

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