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CD - VA - Got Them Hillbilly Blues

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While it is not often documented, it stands to reason that of all the many black artists who were influenced by country music radio in their childhood, a percentage would grow into maturity with a real feeling for hillbilly music and incorporate the style it into their own musical heritage, just as the white rockabillies introduced an urban blues element into their country music. This album has been compiled to showcase this inverted spin on the conception of rockabilly - got them Hill Billy Blues?


1. Roll, Hot Rod , Roll - McLOLLIE, Oscar
2. Crackerjack - CLAY, Joe
3. I Wanna Know (Why You Love Me So) - DANIELS, Eddie
4. The Down Bound Train - BERRY, Chuck
5. Come Back, Maybelline - GREER, John
6. Down On The farm - DOWNING, Al
7. Worried 'Bout You Baby - GAINES, Roy
8. Oh Oh Please - DEE, Mercy
9. Love Me With A Feeling - MAGIC SAM
10. Be My Love Tonight - BROWN, Roy
11. You Look That Good To Me - CLAY, Joe
12. Long Gone Lonesome Blues - NEWSOME, Jimmy
13. Rock, Everybody, Rock - MITCHELL, McKinley
14. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - RIFF, Eddie
15. 21 Days In Jail - MAGIC SAM
16. True Love - DEE, Mercy
17. Tell Me Who - JENKINS, Bobo
18. Hot Dog - PETE, Pico
19. Honey Baby - GUNTER, Arthur
20. Flatfoot Sam - TV SLIM
21. Hip Shakin' Baby - BROWN, Roy
22. Get On The Right Track Baby - CLAY, Joe
23. All Night Long - FULLER, Johnnie
24. My Next Door Neighbor - McCAIN, Jerry
25. Oh, My Baby's Gone - SHARPE, Ray
26. Hill Billy Blues - WATERS, Clear
27. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - LAZY LESTER
28. First Stage Of The Blues - FULLER, Johnnie
29. My Baby's Gone - RIFF, Eddie
30. Sally Jo - GORDON, Rosco
31. Wildcat Tamer - TARHEEL SLIM
32. Number 9 Train - TARHEEL SLIM

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