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CD - VA - Rock & Roll With Piano Vol. 3

Artikel 5868 VON 7111
CD_CLCD 4445
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1. Johnny Buckett - Griddle Greasin' Daddy,
2. Homer Monroe & The Country Drifters - It's Many A Mile From Me To You,
3. John J. Huhta -The Bartender's Song,
4. The Outlaws -Run Rudolpf Run,
5. Odel Booker -Chi-Bop(Inst. ), 6 . Bobby Kent & The Kentones -Don't Go Away,
7. Oneil Howes -My Eyes Are Like A Searchlight,
8. Eddie Pierce & Charlie Davis -It's You, Only You,
9. Sterling Kelly & The Hearts -Lonely Hearts,
10. Jimmy Smith & His Ranchhands -Pinch Me Quick,
11. Bill Parker & Bob Granato & The Nocturnes-Santa Is Rockin' & Rollin,
12. Sonny Knight -Teenage Party,
13. The Rockin' Continentals -The'309',
14. Joe Dante -Then You'll Know,
15. Danny Mote & The Gents -Lonesome,
16. Marv Blihovde -Cigarette & Coffee Blues,
17. The Nomads -Santa Fe Rock(Inst. ),
18. Billy Lewis & The Rockin' Hearts -Growing Old,
19. Dolly & The Deans & Karol-Thorn Orch. -What For?,
20. Clyde Beavers -Black Knee Socks,
21. Marty Collins -She's Fine,
22. Frank Williams & The Sounds -Little Baby Be Mine,
23. Red(Suitcase)Simpson -One Day With My Baby,
24. X. Lincoln -Take Me Home Naomi,
25. The Crown T's -Pickin' Cotton,
26. 'J' & The Sabers With The Gents -Mary Sue,
27. Ronnie Oldham & The Encores -Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes,
28. Dom Palmer & The Imperial V. -Hey Yea Baby,
29. Dom Palmer & The Imperial V. -Gonna Get Me Some Lovin',
30. Johnny Buckett -Let Me Play With Your Poodle

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