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CD - Seatsniffers - Shakedown

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Ok, So These Boys Look Like Rockabillies, And Oddly Enough, They Sound Like Rockabillies Too, So It Would Perfectly Possible To Argue That They Shouldn’t Really Have Print Space Dedicated To Them In These Pages. But, And It’s A Big One, They Just Whiff Of The Likes Of Gallon Drunk And Rocket From The Crypt, And Obviously, A Bit Of Elvis. They Also Produce Cracking Versions Of „Devil’s Right Hand” By Steve Earle And „Voodoo Working” By Charles Sheffield, And The Record Is Worth Buying Just For Those Two. I’m Actually Really Confused As To Whether The Seatsniffers Are Dutch Or Belgian, But I Can Quite See The Freaky Boys And Girls Stage-Diving To The Likes Of „Trouble On The Rise”, If They Weren’t Too Busy Lindy-Hopping, And These Guys Would Down A Treat At Club Vera In Groningen Or The Paradiso In Amsterdam. To Reassure The Many Pure Country-Heads Amongst Us, The Instrumentation Is Fabulous And Varied- Lap And Pedal Steel, Dobro, Stand Up Bass And Several Big-Hearted Horns. All I Can Really Says Is- If You Like Your Rock N Roll Rural And Funky, Smelling Of Gasoline, And As If A Nasty Fire Might Break Out At Any Time, Go Buy…! Otherwise, Leave Well Alone.

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