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CD - Rumblejetts - Cool Down Baby

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Tracks: Cool Down Baby / One Step Away From Heartache / Swing! Big Bang Brothers / White Hot / KC Confidential / Rollin / Liquor Sales Driver / She Pays Me For The Lovin / Better Time Better Place / American Girl / Little More Lovin / One Eye Drunk

The Rumblejetts are from Kansas City, Mo. After their first one, "Dry County", the second "Roostina", "Cool Down Baby" is the third CD. The album was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio, Memphis Tennessee.

The CD sets off with the title song "Cool Down Baby" a wild song about a guy stalked by a chick. It's a wild uptempo song, double-bass like a battering ram, drums like a machine gun and vocals, remotely resembling a young Brian Setzer. "One Step away from Heartache" comes next, sounding a little more like conventional rockabilly even with a lapsteel present, but in spite of this, still a bit too modern for me to indulge in a good old-fashioned fifties sound. Nevertheless a great song. All songs except three are written by the guys themselves and there's a lot of influences entwined in this album, some old, some modern. This CD is filled with modern popsongs performed in a rockabilly line up. It's definitly not my cuppa, but if you want to try something new, you should really go for it, these guys certainly deserve a listen and a good spin in your CD player.

The Rumblejetts are:
Pedro Mora - Upright Bass, Vocals
Jim Holopter - Lead Guitar
Judd Kite - Drums

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