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CD - Pitmen - Back To The Pit

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After a several-year recording hiatus, PITMEN are pleased to announce ?Back To The Pit,? their third studio album, on Crazy Love Records. Fans won?t be disappointed with this latest offering ? 14 rockin? tracks ranging from Psychobilly anthem (?Grab Life By The Balls?) to the romantic (?One More Day?) to comedy (?You?re The Reason Mommy Drinks?) to go-hide-under-your-bed-I?m-coming-for-you (?Roadkill?). In keeping with the German band?s roots, they?ve got one in their native tongue (?Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat,? a drinking song about a food fight), plus unique covers both well-known (?House Of The Rising Sun?) and not-so-well-known (?Baltimore Fire?). But how are they musically, you may wonder? This is the band that Sparky drafted half of for Demented Are Go! Joining Christian?s vocals and acoustic guitar, Holger?s lead guitar, Grischa?s double bass and Oki?s drums are guest musicians Nina Heinrich on backing vocals, Fran Urton on fiddle and Eduardo Ribeiro (THEM OLD CRAP) on banjo. The resulting album represents the culmination of 16 years of PITMEN!

1. Always On The Run
2. Grab Life By The Balls
3. Zombie Rumble
4. Please Don?t Call Me Baby
5. Hot Rod Hotel
6. Roadkill
7. You?re The Reason Mommy Drinks
8. The Lonesome Boatman
9. Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat
10. The House Of The Rising Sun
11. Baltimore Fire
12. One More Day

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