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CD - Oo-Bop-Sh’Bam - Oo-Bop-Sh’Bam

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In the 80’s, England had a huge amount of small jazz, blues, jump and jive bands like The Chevalier Brothers, Howlin’ Wilf and the Vee-Jays, King Pleasure, Big Town Playboys etc. One of the best of this new band was Rent Party. They were swinging and jumping like no other and Jackson Sloan their singer had a voice tailor made for this kind of stuff. After Rent Party he played in the jazz fields and he’s now back to his first love with Oo-Bop-Sh’bam and have assembled a combo of solid and experimented musicians. Bass player Dave Lagnado has played for James Hunter, tenor sax player Andy Dummet has shared the stage with Solomon Burke and Otis Grand while the other saxman, Julien Greaves, has played with the Rolling Stones. Not to forget another ex-Rent Party, Alan Savage on drums who played with Hubert Sumlin, Paul Lamb, Joe Jackson and even Freddy Mercury. And as a special guest they have Ray Gelato who wrote the liner notes and blows in his sax on two tunes. You can now see that I didn’t use the word “experimented” lightly. Together they play a solid mix of blues, boogie-woogie and highly enjoyable rhythm & blues. Three songs are penned by Savage and Sloan (one together and one each) and the remaining eleven are covers of Smiley Lewis, Tiny Bradshaw, Amos Milburn, Fats Domino and Big Joe Turner who is not only covered but has a song dedicated to him (Let ‘Em Roll, a nod to Roll ‘Em Pete). It’s not a big surprise as Sloan has a very deep and powerful voice close to the Boss of Blues. Roscoe Gordon’s Just Love My Baby allows Paul Garner to play great T-Bone Walker licks. Also remarkable is pianist work, in the background but with a constant and driving presence on “Rooming House Boogie”, or in the foreground with a great demonstration of boogie-woogie on “Breaking Up The House”. For all the dancers, jivers, foot tapers and lovers of juicy saxes and real blues voices this one is for you!

After spending many years in the jazz field Jackson Sloan has decided to get back to his roots of Jump-Jive, Blues and Boogie-Woogie R&B so he phoned drummer, Alan Savage, and asked if he would be interested in getting a band together. Alan jumped at the chance, having had great times together in Rent Party, and knowing that with the right musicians behind him, Jackson would once more become a driving force in the current Jump-Jive, Swing, Boogie-Woogie World. The result was a great new band: Oo-Bop Sh'Bam!


1. The Oo-Bop-Sh'out
2. Well Alright
3. Rock, Rock, Rock
4. Just Love Me Baby
5. Big Mamou
6. Be My Guest
7. Rooming House Boogie
8. Lilie Mae
9. Kidney Stew
10. Let'em Roll... For Big Joe
11. Flip, Flop And Fly
12. Wish You Were Mine
13. Breaking Up The House
14. I Like To Bop

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