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CD - Number Nine - Sweet Inspirations

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1. Lonesome Life For Me
2. Don't Forbid Me
3. Always Late
4.Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
5.Only You
6.All Alone And Lonely
7.Okie Boogie
8.With The Crowd (But Also Alone)
9.I Almost Lost My Mind
10.Tiger Man
11. Happy Birtday Baby
12. Viva Las Vegas
13. Sweet Inspiration 1
4.Good Time Charlie 1
5.Poor Boy 1
6.Little Mamma 1
7.Give Me More, More More (Of Your Kisses) 1
8.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Paul Ansell's Number Nine Here With A Set Of Songs Mainly Inspired By Elvis Presley And Fifties Stuff. I Think He's Best When He Keeps Away From The 'Elvis' Thing, If Only Because He'll Get Pigeon-Holed With A Load Of Old Saddos In 'Las Vegas' Outfits. Paul's Worth A Lot More. In Any Event, This Selection Is Well Recorded And Played And His Distinctive Voice Is A Bonus As Ever. It's Just About All Covers, But If Anyone Knows How To Do A Good Cover, It's This Lot!

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