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CD - Number Nine - Live at Sun

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1. Big 10 Inch
2. Kansas City
3. Rockin' in Memphis
4. Jodie Lou
5. As Much as I Can Stand
6. Gone Gone Gone
7. Writing on the Wall
8. Drinking Brings Me Down
9. Setting Sun
10. Crying, Lying, Fussin' 'N' Fighting
11. I Could Have Told You (Sun Outtake)
12. Well Well Well
13. Gone Gone Gone (Trio)
14. Lonely Blue Blue
15. Please Dance
16. Perhaps
17. Crazy Little Girl
18. Greenback Dollar
19. Boys in Memphis (Multimedia Track)

The go-to-guy in today´s rockabilly, country, and rock´n´roll music if you want it done right! Paul Ansell share´s his big talent with no other than legend (also bestman in Paul´s wedding)Scotty Moore on this sizzlin´hot CD made at Sun Records, Memphis TN. After purchasing boxes of these CD´s (because it´s so darn good) you will understand not only was the recorded tracks with hot intensity but so was the weather during their session. As in previous CD´s Paul paints a detailed picture of their entire experience while in Memphis. We have re-stocked this CD sooooO many times now that its fixed storage position is in our shipping department. Send us your address and we will notify our shipping department…yes guy send out another of LIVE AT SUN, please!

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