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CD - Number Nine - Bluegrooves

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Tracks - I Got A Feeling, 30 Days, I Go Crazy, Wanna Do More, Lover Please, My Country Cousin, What Is This Thing, I´M Mad At You, I´Ll Never Let You Go, I´Ll Never Find Another You, Must Be Catchin´, Love Letters, Done Got Over It, Too Late Brother, Feel Like Going Home

Number Nine (Featuring The One And Only (Early) Elvis Soundalike Paul Ansell, Formerly Leader Of The Blue Rhythm Boys) Are Rockin´ Stalwarts, With A Solid Support And A Track Record Of Stunning Live Shows At Venues Such As Break For The Border, The Roadhouse And Other London Venues, As Well As Being Hemsby Regulars, And Wowing European Fans With Their Brand Of Rockin´ Swingin´ Country´ Blues. True Professionals, Their Quality Of Musicianship And Authenticity Never Fails To Impress.
Number Nine Are No Strangers To The Recording Studios Either, With Top-Selling Albums On Rockout Records As Well As Good Ol´ Vinyl Japan. As The Titles Of These Simultaneously Released Albums Suggest, The Band´S Versatility Is Well Demonstrated Here. ´Co

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