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CD - Nu Niles - You Didn't Come To My Funeral

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Authentic 50's punk. A blend of rockabilly, ska, surf & '77 punk.


1. You Didn't Come To My Funeral (first)
2. Shot Shot Shot
3. Every Nena (Hey Hey)
4. One Month, One Week, One Day, One Hour
5. Cold Smiles, Pretty Girls
6. Rocker...
7. See That Girl Again
8. Release!
9. Single Man
10. Verge Of Tears
11. You Might Hurt Someone
12. Who Needs Ya?
13. Got No-One
14. You Didn't Come To My Funeral (last)

Man, you know – you should just put this writing down and listen to the latest record by the Nu Niles, because that is where you'll get the information you really need. The Nu Niles formed over ten years ago, they split up, they re-formed, members came and went … they were finally put to death by their creator Mario Cobo, but they just wouldn't stay dead. That's sort of where the title for their last record comes from – "You Didn't Come to My Funeral". In a way this record picks up where their last LP "Destination Now" left off: like the slogan says, Authentic 50s Punk. One engineer's boot stuck firmly and proudly back in greased-up clattering rockabilly, the other up on the monitor of live guitars-too-high punk rock –Johnny Cash from Chaos. But this record is something else again. Sure, there's a line from the Nu Niles' first LP "Good Luck…" (1996) through 2001's "Get Set, Go!" and 2004's "Destination Now" but now it's solidified into something unmistakably Nu Niles and only Nu Niles: 12 tracks which wear their varied influences on their sleeves but really hold together like a gang, all with the same aim, all taking different routes to get there. Anybody can write a list of bands they claim to be like, anyone can say they play like X, Y and Z (insert cool name), anyone can say their band rocks, they're original, they're new … whatever: but only Mario Cobo, Ivan Kovacevic and Blás Picón can just keep their mouths shut and let the record speak for itself. No advertising needed: stop reading, start listening.

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