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CD - NoisyBoys - What's Damn Wrong?

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(2003/BLUE LAKE) 14 tracks - red hot 50s style Rockabilly

After having been the revelation of the Rockabilly Rave 2003, the "Rough Rockbilly Combo" is back with a new album ! In the steps of their first CD, the Noisy Boys give us this time a little more with 4 original songs. No doubt that the fast stroller "Dance The Stroll" or the title track "What's Damn' Wrong ?" will be hits. The boys also boaden their repertoire with lesser rough songs like "I've Got Living On My Mind" or by inviting a pianist like on "Johnny Valentine". But "Hep Cat" or "Dateless Night", close to a volcanic eruption, will demonstrate that they stayed true to themselves ! And what to say about "Do The Bop, Bop, Bop", a song that seems to have been written specially for the band. Also don't miss the 15 minutes video file that's on the CD !

Dedicated to overcome all the restrictive stereotypes of the fifties, The Noisy Boys, formed in autumn 1999 in the Lake Geneva region (Switzerland), strive to pass on the fun and authentic energy of more or less obscure songs taken from the vast songbook of the fifties rock 'n' roll and rockabilly.


1. Baby's Mad
2. Dance The Stroll
3. Lizzy Lou
4. Honey, You Talk Too Much
5. Hep Cat
6. Dateless Night
7. I've Got Leavin' On My Mind
8. What's Damn' Wrong ?
9. Dear John
10. Let's Dance
11. Johnny Valentine
12. Born Tired
13. Something Baby
14. Do The Bop, Bop, Bop

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